Sleeping Trees run a variety of workshops suitable for GCSE, A-Level & students in higher education, with the aim of meeting their needs as aspiring performers and tackling the curriculum they are studying specifically.


The company runs workshops grounded in devising, character, comedy & mime, and helps the students develop skills in these areas as well as relating them to their own studies and practice. The workshops are centred around the generation of text, image and movement, and the techniques required to help fuse these vital components of performance. 


Sleeping Trees also run 'Shadow Days' in which students are invited to spend a day with the company in the studio, creating work alongside the company and learning about the ins & outs of running a comedy-theatre company. 


For further details please contact John Woodburn at john@sleepingtreestheatre.co.uk 


Sleeping Trees LLP is represented by Glorious Management

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